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Reply to "Repair vs Replace decisions - environmental impact"

Nice one V. I have noticed a decline in force capability.
It is more apparent as baby boomers retire here in USA.
Sorta snuck in here last 10+ years simple cylinder and valve repacks seemed to stop happening.
Then pumps, gearboxes, valves, regulators etc.
Vendors think im nuts when I ask 4 rebuild kits and repair componants etc now.
It has developed into bigger buisness to factory rebuild everything.
I think factories will not even have what I view as a skilled multi craft tech in 10 more years.
Just a bunch of parts changers who barely know how to troubleshoot.
I recently had to explain to penny pinchers why I needed a 40 ton. hydraulic shop press here at a metal roll forming mill.
So you see the mentallity of getting things done is even wrong now.

Here is to you baby boomers getting more done with less !