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Reply to "What motor tests are predictive?"

In addition to PdMA's online and offline test, there are also:

ALL-TEST Pro - primarily their ALL-TEST IV PRO 2000 (off-line) and ATPOL (online) units are for predictive maintenance.

Baker Instruments has their AWA and Explorer systems. They have built lighter systems for both, as their full sized systems tend to be quite heavy.

Areva has the Empath online system. The software is pretty straight forward and will also analyze DC machines.

Iris Power Engineering has a primary line of Partial Discharge systems down to about 4,000 Volts (constant monitoring) and released their CT Meter, which is a single phase motor current signature analyzer.

Liberty is still out there, somewhere, after being purchased by Crane Engineering (nuke company). I was able to see their system and their permanently mounted system some years back. However, there is no marketing going on that I have seen.

That is it, other than the current signature systems built into some vibration data collectors, so far as motor circuit analysis (MCA), motor current signature analysis (MCSA) and electrical signature analysis (ESA).

Most of the above vendors can be linked through (Institute of Electrical Motor Diagnostics) as they are members.

Hey, so are you, Terry!