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Reply to "Whatz the Convertion formula of "thou" to "mm"?"

Ah.. the British unit system!! How many billions of person-hours have been wasted over the years on conversion of them from one to the other.
Once saw an article illustrating how ridiculaous it all is. About a freighter transporting grain and other cargo on the Great Lakes....
Ship weight was referred to as displacement in tons.
Power in horsepower, thrust in pounds.
Depth of water in fathoms, and ship's speed in knots (or was it furlongs per fortnight?).
Grain cargo was in bushels, and they also transported a few horses whose weight was in stones, and height in hands.
And on it went...
Yards are not bad, but if they did golf courses in chains and rods, how would we know what club to hit?
All good practical units in their day, based upon feet-on-the-ground human activities, but for science and engineering...Uh Uh Don't think so.
Metric anybody?