2x Axial Vibration

Hi guys,  i,ve a problem with 4Poles Generator 8Mgw in Turbocompressor Solar Mars (Turbine-gearBox-Generator),   High Level Vibration Axial NDE 2x (2x1800=3600cpm), 0.26 in/seg(pk).   

The Last test were with change Load level (decrement from 8Mgw to 0.5 Mgw), 

Decrease  in amplitude is observed due to the change load level:

8Mgw, Level vibration @2x= 0.26 in/seg(pk),  the last level (0.5Mgw)= 0.08 in/seg(pk).   View Anex.

Phases: NDE Axial

1x= In fase (4 axial points, 12,3,6,9)

2x= OutFase 90degres (12,3,6,9)

view anex


Observed sidebands 525cpm in 1x and 2x

view anex 


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