2*LF at these levels is relatively common and imo not a concern unless there is a significant deviation from trend or from sister units.

There is another peak a few hundred cpm above 3x. If there is no obvious explanation (belt drive or gear drive), I’d be more worried about this, even though the magnitude is smaller.
John from PA posted:
Originally posted by jayesh prajapati:
What if spectrum indicate 2X Line frequency?

Are you certain it is 2X line or perhaps 2X of running speed?

The peak is at 7200, and the running speed is 3573, so it seems like this is 2XLF and not 2X running speed. Especially since there is a small peak before the one at 7200. That peak seems like it would be 2X running speed (7146CPM). Correct if I'm wrong, please, I'm new to this stuff.

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