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fraaanklinn posted:

Does less internal bearing radial clearance plays in 3X vibration?

Probably not...adage taught in medical school, "if you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras."

Look elsewhere, maybe review content at  VFD could be suspect.  Provide more details here, photograph, pulley ratios, bearing numbers, data, etc.  Does the 3X drop immediately when you cut the power, thus supporting an electrical issue or does it remain, supporting a mechanical issue?  


first of all you please post more details about the machine and i prefer to perform the some mechanical checks before suspecting anything.

1) Sheaves run out Not more than 0.1 mm.

2) the shaft run out near bearing ends and at shaft centerline also (not more than 0.05 mm or sometimes not more than 0.07 mm.)

3) Belts condition and misalignment and also check the sheaves width to be the same i saw a fault from the preparation department they brought two sheaves with different width.


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