Dear all Maintenance Engineers,

Please participate in the below "Condition Monitoring Survey".

Objective of Survey:

To stay Updated with the Maintenance Systems Practiced by Major Industries.
To get connected with the Service Needs for Electric Machines.

(Copy of the statistical report of the survey will be sent to all responders)
Survey will not take more than 10 Minutes.

I thank you for your valued response and time.


Vinodh Anbazhagan
Engineer – ˜Life Expectancy Analysis Program' CoE
Machine Services
Original Post
1 - Your subject line says "maintenance practices", your message says "condition monitoring", and when we get to the survey, it is focused on condition monitoring of electrical machines. You might want to edit your subject to say "condition monitoring of electrical machines" so people know what they would be taking a survey on before they get there.

Question 2
*3. How many machines rated at 3300 Volts and above are installed in your plant?
__< 20 __21 - 50 __51 - 100 ___> 1000

Leaves no room for 100-1000!

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