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        last two weeks i have been observing abnormal noise on steam turbine governor side.vibration at turbine nondrive and drive sides were maximum readings 4mm/s.actually  we dont have governor casing vibration points.but today i checked with another tag points at governor side.i havebeen observed high vibration readings.this equipment is using for compressor seal oil screw pump and the pressure is 180kg.present rpm is 2000approx.rated rpm is 2985.operations informed me due to more noise on turbine side they reduced rpm.you can see below data.

kindley please let me know what will be the cause.

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I assume that this is the driver of the seal oil pump of a syngas compressor. I expect this is a small turbine with a mechanical governor.  If these assumptions are correct, the problem may be in the drive gearing of the governor. You have a prominent component at 825 CPM which may be RPM of the governor. The high frequencies may be the gear mesh frequency and its harmonics. 

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