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Hello everybody,

Within our company there is a discussion about which brand of accelerometer sensor gives the best results  taking the vibration measurements

I am talking about a 100mV/g sensor.


is it Wilcoxon? 

is it IMI?

is it Hansford?

is it CTC?

or any other brand

I know about the frequentie range and sensitivity.  

Witch brand are you using and why are you using that brand.

Please tell me why you think your sensor brand you using is the best for the job.

for myself, i am using a IMI sensor 100mV/g but i don`t know if its the best for the job.

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So long as you are dealing with a reputable "brand" the choice is not as important as selecting the correct transducer based on its specifications.  For example what you might chose for a 600 RPM pump machine would be altogether different from what you would select for monitoring gear mesh in a high speed gearbox.

You might want to explore some of the PDF's in the search summary at  They should give you a basic understanding of the selection process.


Personally I would stick with Wilcoxon or CTC for the warranty and service before and after the purchase. If you do have an issue you also want to be able to return easily for exchange and CTC and Wilcoxon win there hands down. I have a small NFG box full of out of spec IMI sensors as a btw. Check them with a shaker every 6 months and adjust sensitivity accordingly. Excessive settling time, bad readings, over 8% out of sensitivity then change. Others may chime in with a different experience, however this has been mine.

The question is too generic to give a specific answer. It is like asking: we have a discussion on our company about the best cars to use to perform the company jobs: Toyota, Honda, GM, BMW or Nisan.

As mentioned by John, there are certain selection criteria you may need consider to identify the best option for your case.  Is it indoor or outdoor? Is it for handheld data collection or online? Is it for low-frequency faults or high frequency? It is in a hazardous area or not? What amplitude range do you want to set the alarm and trip set points at?

Do companies vary in quality? For sure, they do. So do they in price, delivery, warranty and customer support. These non-technical factors are also necessary to take into your account when you purchase, especially if you want a stable service.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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