I'm a beginner in PdM section in my company. I would like to ask about active balancing for ID Fans in our plant. The Kiln's ID Fans were suffering high vibration because of dust buildup inside the fan. And it caused so much loss of production approx. 15 / years. Our team need to evaluate solutions (airblasters, horns, doesn't work) so we can continue our work and reduce downtime of the kiln. Anybody here know how much range the cost of this active balancing system?Because we need to do a cost and benefit analysis for every possible solutions to propose to the management.Thanks before.
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The function of this centrifugal fan is to draft the combustion hot gas from kiln to the preheater for heat efficiency. We suffered 15 downtime per year because we need to clean the fan impeller and it takes min. 1 hour to ensure total clean. This ID Fan is also a part of Kiln's interlock, if one of the ID Fans tripped so the kiln will tripped too. And it takes longer to start the kiln due to heating up.
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the fan tripped because of material buildup and caused high vibration interlock. Field balancing doesnt work because it always happen all the time. I have contacted some manufacturer of active balancing but no reply and some of them already discontinue their products.
How about a different approach?

Coating on fan that won't allow buildup to happen?

Cyclones on fan inlet to remove particulate prior to the fan?

Process temperature change

Bag house filter on inlet air to the fan

How is the product attaching itself to the fan, too much moisture, oily air stream, too cool of temps, etc

The balancing device in which you seek has limited use and is only masking the true root cause

In theory if you balance a fan to acceptable limits, next time it needs cleaning you should only have to clean and check balance. If the wheel was spotless when you were done balancing then as long as the weight never came off then you typically only have to clean and no balance required but still needs checked

Sir I am also working in cement plant i think you should try Sir Dave's approach in applying a coating that will help you in minimizing the build ups. You should also check on the process because if build ups is frequent there is an underlying cause maybe you should check on the materials passing through your fans.

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