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I've been sent some plots from an ADRE system, of an X and Y probe looking at a shaft. One of the plots has "A/D UNDER RANGE (FLAGGED PLOT)" written within the plot area, and the other probe has "A/D OVER RANGE (FLAGGED PLOT)".

What do these two statements refer to, and what do they mean? I can understand that the "OVER RANGE" is probably because the actual signal is greater than the signal range in the analysers settings, but what is the "UNDER RANGE"?


Also, will the Over range plot be giving a true signal, or will the signal be "clipped"?

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VibRental LLC posted:

If this is the 208 system then it saves the data up to 50% over the Full Scale Range (10 mil FS goes to 15 mils).  Yes the samples are labeled "Flagged Data" and can be included or excluded from the plots. If this is the 408 then I am not sure. Talmadge

With respect to the 208P/Adre for Windows software, I do not think the "overhead" for the A/D converter is as high as 50%.  That is a spec we (I worked for BN) generally didn't publish but the value of 5% or 20% overhead capability is common in industrial design.  I personally would not use anything above the 20% level for either the 208P or 408DSPi.

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