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Hello all,

Preventive maintenance is being practiced in most of the places. This traditional approach is suitable in most of the cases, and maintenance teams are comfortable with that. Critical assets (for example transformers) are also equipped with protection devices.

Now since there is a lot of development happening in online fault diagnosis system, wireless sensors, IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solutions, what are the advantages over traditional approach. Following are some of the points,

1. Online systems claim to identify possible fault types, e.g., unbalance, misalignment, etc. Can we rely on the output ?

2. Machines like blowers, compressors, run continuously, and they are opened only during the scheduled shutdown. In this scenario, how the IoT-based solutions will be effective.

I am not sure but do the IoT-based systems have limited scope (critical assets, remote monitoring, etc.). Is it cost-effective ?

Looking for your views.


Tags: Automated diagnostic systems, Online monitoring, IoT

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