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i need to see if anyone can help me. We had a server crash and I lost database and all current data back to Oct 2016. My manager was able to recover everything but lost a years worth of data and database settings, parameters, etc. I still have all of my routes and a limited data on my 2140. Is there a way to load my current database (with settings) back into the software from my 2140 or at least print all of my database information from the 2140 so I can update recovered software to current? I have made several changes in the database since Oct 2016 and do not want to lose the updated parameters.

Any help will be appreciated...Thank you

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Huddle House,

It appears no one has a solution to the recovery of the data from your 2140, in the way you mentioned.  I am guessing you have tried the "force dump" function, huh? But I do not think even that will recover AP sets or the like.

How did you recover the data you mentioned from "back to October 2016"? Was it from the last "backup"? What type storage "disk" did the server have, HDD or some other form?

If it had a HDD and it is not completely and  physically destroyed, there may be a "program" or company somewhere that can salvage some more of the data. Or maybe your manager has tried all that already.

I lost a HDD several years ago and was able to recover a lot of stuff, including much of my latest data from my original CSI database. My software was a stand alone version. A server version is a whole different animal. I do not recall the name of the program I bought nor where it is located at the moment.  But I am guessing your manager is very knowledgeable of these things and has done everything possible in an attempt to recover it.

I always backup my database to a couple of different places, every day,  like, on another computer, a flash drive, and/or a DVD. But I am not sure if that is possible with a network version.

Just some thoughts.




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