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I am trying to set up fault frequency set for a screw compressor machine. This is a oil flooded screw compressor (without timing gears).

I have attached the "Detailed Mode" template for the Fault Frequency Dialog box (in excel format).

Please have a look at it and guide if the inputs are correct.

1. What corrections are required.

2. What are the best and most efficient methods followed by the experts for setting fault frequency set of screw compressors.

3. And particular tips for setting these fault frequency sets for machines where there are 2 shafts rotating at different speeds but same bearing number.

Machine Details:

Male Rotor is directly coupled to the Motor Drive.

Male Rotor RPM : 2976

No. of Male Rotor Lobes: 4

Male Rotor DE & NDE Radial Bearing: SKF NU 2322

Male Rotor Main Thrust Bearing: SKF 7322

Male Rotor Passive Thrust Bearing: SKF 7222

Female Rotor RPM: 1984

Female Rotor Lobes: 6

Female Rotor DE Radial Bearing: SKF NU 2326

Female Rotor NDE Radial Bearing: SKF NU 2322

Female Rotor Main Thrust Bearing: SKF 7322

Female Rotor Passive Thrust Bearing: SKF 7222

X-sectional drawing of the compressor with bearings identified is attached.

Thank you,



Images (2)
  • Compressor X-Section Drawing & Brg  Arrangment: Compressor X-Section Drawing & Brg  Arrangment
  • Measurement Point Entry - Ref: Measurement Point Entry - Ref
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Fault Freq Set - Template for Screw Compressor
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