AMS SUITE CSI 2130 - Archive data base failed

Goo day All,

 we have re- installed the software in Windows 10 PC. After installation

 we  try to  restore the database followed by  the procedure but archive cannot be restored,

Below messages was displayed.

  File already exists in the target directory.

  Archive cannot be restored.

 Please any one suggest

  1. How to restore the  database and add in the group?
  2. Any password  required  to copy the database ?


Thanks In Advance,





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From the docx file information, it appears everything that belongs to the original software is what will not restore and not the databases you have created.

It looks as if you did a DBZip of the entire RBMSuite and custdata folders. Is this what you did before reinstalling the software?

Why did you reinstall the software? Are you saying you did a complete install of the software over an already existing or original install? If so, why?

It is hard to say what you need to if we do not know what you have done already and why.

Sounds like you want to do is restore a database which you have created, but I am not sure that is what your concern is.

Sorry. If we had a little more information on each of the steps you have tried to perform, maybe we could make a suggestion.


Dear Ralph,

We changed our OLD PC(Windows 7) to new PC with windows 10 operating system.

Then we reinstall the software in New Windows 10 PC.

Databases are  back up and kept in  another  folder. After software installation.  I try to archive my  database  to new PC. its nor restored it shows archive cannot be restored

files already  exists in the target. directory.

In that database I stored  more than 300 Machines vibration data since from 2014.

I  want to confirm AMS- software support windows 10?

Thanks for your Advice & support.




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