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Originally posted by candy:
I notice the heading for this section is Leadership.

Leadership is also cited as a critical factor in the Ron Moore's article on ISO55000 Asset Management.

I wonder whether there are any KPIs for leadership or any attributes of excellent leadership?

Does the Covey's 7 habits of effective managers applicable here?

What level of employee will you apply for? only Manager?

In my company, we apply not only manager's level but also all level.



I would say that as leadership in summary is the ability of inspire in other to do things by themselves the following KPIs would apply:

1. Personnel Automotivation Indicator -  Here you can monitor the amount of your personnel that is executing at the proper speed and the one that is delayed and is needed more leadership efforts. Is our team overloaded, is the team lazy, etc.? 

2. How is our company today compared to one or x years ago indicator - and where do we want it this year.

Here you can included the item you want to compare. i.e., Maintenance Backlog. If two years ago we had an average of 500 work orders at the end of the month, how many do wee have now and how many we will set as a goal for the present year.

3. Is our company world class today compared to the others competitors? Here you can select different aspects to compare.

i.e., For a plant like the one we have the production cost in thee USA is $0.08 P/kWh, where are we? which will be our goal?


I hope this could provide you some ideas that help.




I'm very new to this. So take it for what it is worth. If your crew is complaining to you and pointing out issues, that is a good sign. They have not given up hope. Get them engaged and make them feel appreciated. I praise my crew daily for helping address their concerns and they wear me out with inundation of problems and solutions they want too see addressed. I would put complaints at the top of KPI for leadership that you're on track.


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