Evening all,I've recently been evaluating several CMMS programs and have just found out that the corporation that bought us a little over a year ago uses JD Edwards enterpriseone 8.
Anyone here familiar with the EAM module of this program?How would it be for a relative beginner with this kind of software,I consider myself very computer literate and had little or no problems setting up and test driving all of the other CMMS programs I've been able to try.
Thanks in advance
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I have experience with JDE EnterpriseOne. Your message said EnterpriseOne 8. Could you verify the version they are using. The latest version is 8.12. Also in use is 8.11, 8.10, 8.9, and 8.0.
8.0 and 8.9 have been around for awhile and are pretty much the same. It offers all the basic Maintenance functions plus a Failure Analysis Module. 8.10 includes a very nice, easy to use Equipment Costing Analysis tool plus they introduced Condition Based Maintenance. In 8.11 they added a good weekly scheduling tool. 8.12 is much better from a technical point of view, but does not offer much more than 8.11 from a maintenance functional point of view.
JDE will easily manage the basic maintenance functions (work orders, PM's, Equipment Register, Interface to Inventory and Purchasing). The system is very flexible which means it can be set up to be quite simple and easy to use, or it can end up being complex for the user. I think it really depends on how the system is configured. If you would like more information or would like to talk over the phone, please e-mail. I would be happy to help answer some of your specific questions.
Hi,thanks for the offers of help.
As of right now I don't have any specific questions because I'm still waiting for a response from our corporate overlords and won't have access to the program until then.
I'll post back to this thread when I have more information/questions.
Jane,I believe they're using 8.10
Now JDE is taken over by Oracle. Now Called Oracle Enterprise 1 8.11.Release 8.12 also is available now. It is flexible. I have worked SAP PM and PeopleSoft (JDE -Old),Business process is completely different though. But the functinality such as Work order,Schedules, Condition monitoring module and integration to Inventory and purchase is available.

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