They are located here in the SF Bayarea

I am working at a site which has hundreds of them at their central utilities plant mounted on pumps, gear reducers etc. And have been at another site that also uses them.

I do know that they are programed to capture data over time here at this site they take a reading every 3 hours it was every 8 hrs. The more often I think shortens battery life and we are not totally sure but the operator thinks it also effects the amount of data stored in history.

He said they charge per sensor and for the response as far as what the sensor sees he said they offer different levels of response like 24/7 or 48 hr as examples. I have not confirmed that on the website also they used to have pricing on the site probes were thinking 400-500 usd. plus fee to monitor depending on the response time it was like $25 per probe .

I don't like that they mount the probes in the cooling towers using an epoxy

Today we found 2 probes that had previously come off on the gearboxes in these towers we were balancing today and they found them in the sump.

I have another customer who was asking about a new sensor out made by SAMSARA he said they are being installed by a water department here in the bay area on some pumps at remote pump stations..... so now I am reading up on these he asked if I would help them interpret the data............ good thing I am near retirement.



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