We are reshuffling the deck on our equipment groups within an industrial setting of a power plant and I am looking for any standards or industrial requirements to create an equipment Hierarchy to start with.

So far I have a yes, on a equipment hierarchy by "Systems" that starts by highest asset value/cost and work down (on drill down). But I am aware of other hierarchy but need to get my hands on a few to test out. this will be going into a EAMS system.

Any refinery templates out there?

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Jim. ISO 14224 can provide you a good structure to see how the failure codes and hierarchy can be organised. Emerson's MRG Consulting also has a great value offering which can help you organise to validate the Master Equipment List followed Functional Locations/Area and then upload them into your CMMS. Let me know if you would like to know more about it. Cheers 

Great to hear that Jim. ISO 14224 is more relevant to Oil and Gas Industry but is more universal in nature to be applied in other industry verticals. Wish you the best for your journey to organise the asset hierarchy. Shout out to me in case you need help me with the processes and templates. 

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