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i am a little confused in tilting pad journal bearing curves.
i know concept of preload and design factors in pads curve in Babbitt side (shaft side actually) but what is radius of back of pads? (in attached file is named R out) 
as we know in pivot type, back of pads contact with bearing shell (named R bearing) and i think if R out = R bearing it dose not happened any tilt. so i guess R out must be different with R Bearing. is my logic true? and how can obtain R out?
if we assumed it is true, so thickness of pad should not be same in all along of pad.


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If there is a mechanical pivot in (or near) the center of the pad, then the curvature of the back of the pad is irrelevant (other than that you don't want it to contact anything through the full possible range of pad tilt).  It would be whatever is easiest to manufacture.   I've heard of fluid pivots, which would be different. I don't know anything about those. 

Sorry if I have misunderstood your question. 

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