Batch Sugar Centrifuge Vibration problem

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We have a call to balance a Batch sugar centrifuge at Sugar plant ,But the Centrifuge is not respond to balancing .I have tried to balance with fastbal2 program in my csi 2115 analyzer and he Phase readings are near and showing wrong place to add mass .I have recommended to check for any assembly errors but the centrifuge basket already balanced on balancing bed with bent shaft ,they send the same .They changed the shaft but the vibration not controlled ,i have tried to balance in four run method ,vibration readings are decreased from 20mm/sec to 17 mm/sec but no use ,Basket is oscillating uncontrollably .

I recommended for Mechanical assembly corrections along with Basket balancing on bed .Need your opinion .




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The video seems to not be sowing the vibration movement until the "brake" is engaged ( I am guessing it is a "brake")

Why does the shaft move so far to the left when the "brake" is engaged?

Where is the basket? In the tank, out of sight of the camera?

Is the end of the shaft inside the tank where the movement is?

Does the shaft have a foot bearing or is it  just suspended freely inside the tank and supported by theparts outside the tank?

Where are you placing your transducer?

Where are you placing the weights?

Do you have any more pictures or videos?




Why does the shaft and the driver move so much to the left, in the video, when the "brake" (or what ever that is) is applied?

What is the "clamp's" purpose?

There does not seem to be any movement until the "clamp" thing is applied. Is this correct?

Does the basket shaft not have a foot bearing?


This Basket only have upper support and do not have a foot bearing .Previously it was sent for dynamic balancing along with the bent shaft and they done balancing with the same shaft .After installation and trial run they get high vibration and found it has bent shaft .After that the shaft changed and installed and taken trial run but the vibration was same .

They were called for on site balancing but the balancing trial was unsuccessful .Those clamps are breaks .Again that basket sent for Shop balancing , we don't know what happen after that .


Did you never try to balance it on site? 

Only the "shop" that balanced it in their shop with the bent shaft, tried to balance it on site?

I am still wondering why the entire mounting mechanism is so free to move when the brakes are engaged? This doesn't seem like it would be normal to have so much free movement.

I have seen shop balanced rotors (but I havenever worked on a sugar screen) that had to be trim balanced when installed  in the actual, on-site driven position.

I am still confused about the visible movement in your video of the one, I guess your are currently working on, that has so much side movement when the brake is applied. Is this a common thing in all of these type basket designs? Appears that the mounting and driver is loosely mounted. The video does not seem to show any side movement until the brake is applied, but I think you said you place the transducer right where the shaft connect to the driven connection. But it could be that the movement just may not be visible when running free before the break is applied.

Do you have any ideas on why the driver of the shaft moves so much when the brake is applied?

Do you try a 2 plane balance when you balance them on site or do you just try a simple single plane balance in the direction of the highest amplitude? Or does the shaft oscillate in a 360 degree pattern and the amplitude is basically the same, no matter where you place the transducer?




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We can balance only in single plane because we don't have access to other side,Those side movement might happen due to assembly error. We have successfully balanced onsite in single plane .

I suggested before to check, if any assembly error might happen. Because I did not get any looseness in spectrum but 1X.

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