I have three of the hydraulic pumps listed in the attachment.  (Rexroth A2V500HDLOR 5GPK/79)  The pump is made in Uchida Japan. 

Part numbers 1100132855 (ball bearing for main drive shaft); 1303021918 (roller bearing for main drive shaft) & 1606049689 (roller bearing for swivel housing)

I am having trouble getting the OEM numbers above translated into a bearing number that I can get fault frequencies for.   In my motor circuit analysis Demod spectrum I am seeing non-synchronous peaks on two of the Motor/Pump units.  I believe I am seeing two different fault frequencies and I am seeing a significant 5X peak.  I am thinking that that the 5X peak is probably piston pass?  The characteristic frequencies are not related to the motor bearings and the coupling has more than 5 elements.  These pumps are about five or six years old.  I have been told that there is a long lead time and a post I read said that they usually run until they fail, not really giving a lot of indication that they are going bad other than watching specific bearing frequency changes.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  I will be using vibration analysis on this pump, as well.  I am hoping it will show up in Peak Vue. 




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