Boiler Feed Water Pump high vibration

 Dears, we have an issue for many boiler feed water pump. First,the NDE has 50 microns in 5100 rpm whereas DE has 20 microns.Second NDE and DE has 20 microns in 5700 rpm.These issue in 9 boiler feed water pumps and it began from of the beginning of installation. However, many pumps have been inspected and it found some of them have impeller damaged.




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A gentle reminder when posting on this or ay other board-please include all of the pertinent data associated with the machine(s) in question. Model number, operating speed(s), time in service, driver information etc. It makes it easier for us to get an idea of the problem.

I agree with the post above as it does not look like a flow induced damage (recirculation or cavitation) as that would not be localized as the picture shows. "some of them have impeller damage" -what is the operating parameters/history of the undamaged ones vice the damaged ones? Do you have any metallurgical info on the impeller?   

As per the Vibration data and Visual data you have posted , its clear that the spectrum has 1X dominenet peak like Unbalance and Impeller damage at a particular location .it does not seems like cavitation damage or damage caused by irregular flow in Pumping system .

Do you have same damage pattern for every pump impeller in your facility ?

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