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Hi folks, have a few questions. 


I work in a automotive manufacturing factory. Three rotating shifts. Each shift has 4 guys, wearing radios. When a machine breaks down, call on the radio, maintenance comes and fixes.


Anyway, our old (outdated) way of recording this was with Microsoft Access - (see pic) Record who was working on it, the time the machine was actually stopped, the amount of time spent at the machine, parts, description, etc. We were able to run a search on one persons name and see their hours


With SAP, we're using iw21 to record these breakdowns. Parts are fine, description fine, equipment fine, but is there any way to track specific names? I can fill out "Created by" and search that, but if bob was working on this for three hours and wasn't the one filling out the report, how do i track that?


Also, is there anyone within 8ish hours from Toronto, Canada that use SAP for this sort of tracking, that I could visit with my boss?





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Do you mean you tick the breakdown field in the notification? 

To record who does what, do you use operations in the work order? If the report is not done by the person who did the job, I think it is possible to enter the craftman name in the operations, isn't it?

Otherwise, enter it in the longtext ine the operations as an interim measure.

Anyway, don't you have technical support from SAP Plant Maintenance for solving technical enqueries like this one?

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