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Good Day to all,
recently we had a strong vibration at our calendar roll section particular on the queen roll opp. side bearing axial velocity position we have high peak at 1x with harmonics. question:what the causes of the vibration? before the scheduled shutdown the calendar rolls are in good running condition, and then start up/paper on reel we have been noticed that the queen roll had a strong vibration.


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Queen rolls can be of quite complex design especially if CC (controllable Crown) and there can be a few reasons for 1x.

I think orbits are not much use here especially if using walk around accelerometers to take measurements. Is it a driven roll? If so it could be a driveshaft issue.

This is a paper machine and since one of the things you are trying to determine is if vibration is synchronous or non synchronous you should display your plots in orders, not cpm. It will tell you immediately which group the fault will be in. Looking at the pattern it looks to me like all rotational vibration which could be due to a number of causes. roll diameter, King roll diameter, photos, would all help to perhaps help you more.
Is it a CC roll? rgds.

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