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Please help us understand your needs? Slow speed application, what are you trying to find out, failing bearing? The below link is to an ultrasonic sensor permanently mounted listening for changes in friction/rubbing/lubrication that you can tie into a DCS control system. The attached document talks about a wireless sensor that sends information to the cloud, either system would identify changes in bearings.



Perhaps you can include more information about the machine (cut-away drawing and nameplate data). What is the temperature, where is it measured, what is temperature change/trend, has there been a load change on the bearing, does bearing have a history of premature failure?? If I said my car engine has a temperature issue, then what would you say?


Cement plant professionals can achieve a predictive and proactive maintenance strategy with the help of real-time data from online condition monitoring systems.

Cement plant condition monitoring can reduce the time-consuming field work, the plant can count on precise measurements, increasing the reliability of failure detection and consequently the availability of plant equipment. The following cement plant equipment can be monitored with condition monitoring:

  • Monitored Equipment
  • Vertical Roller Mill
  • Ball Mill
  • Roller Press
  • Horomill
  • Kiln
  • Crusher
  • Fan
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Conveyor

Planning to use predictive maintenance technologies in your cement plant? Then get in touch with Neptunus.

At Neptunus, we are driven by a better way to maintain and manage large assets across various sectors. Therefore we enable businesses to run more smoothly and minimize waste that is caused due to inefficiency, downtime, and unnecessary resource consumption.

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