I've been a CMRP for over two years and have been in the field for over twenty.

As for the test, it covers a wide breadth of information and/or subject matter. Each exam is different so I belive your performance on the exam depends on your background/experience in the field and training/educational background.

If you're like me and many of the others that I took it with at MART 2004, you'll come out wondering if you passed it or not!

Good Luck!
I am not a CMRP and I do not know the exam, but this advise was given to me for the exams for E.I.T. and P.E. :

* Make a quick read of the exam first, mark the problems that you now for sure how to answers right away as "green light". that is mark, do not answer now, keep reading the exam.
* Mark as "yellow light" those that you know how to do it but they will take you some time.
* Finally mark as "red light" those problems that you have no idea how to start.
* Then return to page one and complete all the "greens", then try your best at the "yellows".
* For the red ones:
*** if you have much time left then go and try to answer them,
*** if not enough time (if it is a multiple choice (ABCD) answers exam) make a quick survey on your answers on the greens and yellow ones: which letter did you repeated most? Use that letter as the answer for all remaining problems.
These resources may be useful for you as you prepare for the CMRP Exam:

iPresentation Tutorials:

Skill-Sets of the Maintenance and Reliability Profession and Certification as a Professional

5 Pillars: Maintenance & Reliability Professional Review


5 Pillars: Maintenance & Reliability Professional Review Course on CD by Dave Krings

I took the CMRP exam before they let you use a calculator!

I knew I should have paid better attention in my statistics courses!

Hey - part of the great value in sitting for the CMRP exam is that even if you do not pass - they provide a gap analysis for you. You can use this information to beef up your experience in certain areas as well as your formal training. I say - take it and let it be a measure of your experience and knowledge without too much preparation as that is what it is designed to measure.

Good luck,

Terry O
I found that Ron Moore's book.......Making Common Sense Common Practice was the best study material for me. I have been a CMRP for 2 years now and coming from the technology side it really helped me understand the other factors involved with maintenance and manufacturing. Good Luck. Jim
The next conference or the next CMRP exam?

We are working toward bringing a conference in 2007 or 2008. We always feature the CMRP exam at our conferences as well.

There may be other venues for the CMRP exam closer to you that will be offered sooner as well. Check the SMRP web site for schedules.

Terry O
Eugene -

You are very perceptive as that is our exact intention for holding EAM-2007 and RCM-2007 in Hawaii.

We expect a large up tick in attendance from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I could rant a bit about the problem a sunshine location will cause certain maintenance and reliability professionals (the asset owners can fly corporate jets there but the person in charge of maintaining 50 million dollars of physical assets better not even think about asking to go) but I will save that for later.

Producing a conference in ones home territory is a big job. Arranging a conference outside of one's home country is a difficult and extremely risky. That said - we feel an obligation to move some of our events outside of North America in order to better serve our international members - who number over 45%.

We would appreciate your ideas and encouragement as we make plans.

Please have patience if you are waiting for us as we have you in mind.

Terry O

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I would strongly recommend against buying those packages. When you look at some of the sample questions and answers that Exam4Sure include in their material on slideshare it's clear that their material is not representative of the body of knowledge required to pass the CMRP exam. 

Instead, attend a course presented by an industry expert or if you can't attend a course in person spend your money on the books that are recommended by SMRP. But remember that the CMRP exam is aimed to test for wide and diverse industry experience and knowledge - it is not a test that you can cram for and pass.

Any further questions feel free to get in touch.



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