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Good morning, in the company where I work, a third party service has been contracted for the monitoring of vibrational analysis and in their vibration reports they are presenting the classification of the colors of the alarms according to the attached document, that is, they have placed the yellow area as "ALERT" and the orange one as "ALARM".

They were asked why, have they placed "ALERT" in the yellow area and "ALARM" in the orange area? and they responded "that the yellow zone is considered as "ALERT" and not as "SATISFACTORY" and the orange zone is considered as "ALARM" and not as "ALERT"".

I would appreciate your comments on this, because the correct thing is that the yellow area is "SATISFACTORY" (Unlimited long-term operation allovable) and the orange area is "ALERT" (Short-term operation allowable).

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We consider as per the number of values are in green ,Yellow,orange and Red (and its values) .If the more values are in  yellow we consider as moderate and If the more values are in  orange & Red we consider as alert .

Equipment severity has to be decided as per the equipment  manufacturer  recommendations , Practical conditions and Standards .You and Your team can decide the levels of severity but not too much deviate the standards .

Please refer the below for example .


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