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The passports are only one aspect of preparing for the Certified Reliability Leader exam. There are 5 other books in the body of knowledge.  There are 30 online training modules that include text, audio and video.  There are 1,2,3 and 4 days instructor led training courses as well.

There is NO educational requirements  however there are numerous educational resources.  

I recommend:

  • Reading the entire CRL Body of knowledge
  • Participating in Uptime Academy online learning management system
  • Participating in a 4 day Uptime Elements Reliability Leadership for Asset Performance workshop
  • Creating an immediate 3 month project

Ali M,

Certification recognizes the competence and confidence one has about a body of knowledge and this is covered by the course material, some of the live teaching and the CRL exam.

Some parts of the live course uses methods we have developed that allow the student to discover for oneself what it is to "BE" a Reliability Leader and to exercise Reliability Leadership.

That is impossible to communicate here; however one simple discovery relates to he discovery that it is only through committed action that one can create change.

The Uptime Elements and Certified Reliability Leader use a very focused and effective "execution" methodology that is single focuses and short term (90 days).

It is important to apply "knowledge" to doing and to begin expressing ones self as a Reliability Leader.

I hope that us helpful and that it supports your journey.


Ali and others,

Here are some other support resources and excellent examples of Reliability Leadership outside the classroom.  I hope you find them useful.

One the first things you will notice is that our work centers on a Reliability Leadership framework that includes four fundamentals:


  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Work toward an AIM bigger than oneโ€™s own self


Ask yourself: Would an improvement with those leadership factors relate to performance improvement in your organization? This is just part of the work we do with Uptime Elements Reliability Framework for Asset Performance.

 We also use it to ensure all your stakeholders "speak reliability" and to ensure executive sponsorship.

 I donโ€™t want to overload you with too much information about why Reliability Leadership is broken and what you might do to fix it but I am always here if you have any questions.

 And of course ask me any questions at  

 Have a GREAT week!  

Terrence - Dec 12-16, 2016

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Other (optional) Reliability and Asset Management resources:


About the Certified Reliability Leader

 Uptime Elements And Reliability Leadership In Action


There are now over 1000+ Certified Reliability Leaders in the world and we are starting to see positive change.

 Here are some fantastic video resources that will provide a deeper understanding into the application and power of the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework For Asset Performance.

 Reliability TV Video on Demand

 What Does It Feel Like to be on the Reliability Journey?


Reliability Engineering for Maintenance

What REM Tool To Use When


Failure Modes - Back to Basics


RCM Project Managerโ€™s Guide



Asset Condition Management


Creating Applicable & Effective Condition-based Maintenance


Audit it. Improve it! Processes and KPIs for a Successful Condition Monitoring Program

Part 1

Part 2


Top 10 Things You (Maybe) Didnโ€™t Know About Lubrication


Competency Based Learning





Asset Management


Establishing Line of Sight - The Key to Successful Asset Management



Mapping the Uptime Elements to Your Asset Performance Management Process





Uptime Elements & Global Sustainability Programs



Leadership for Reliability


What is means to be a Certified Reliability Leader?


Create a New Future Through Declaration, Commitment & Action



Leadership Principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming



Creating Momentum for Change



Just Do It!
How To Move From Strategy To Action Using Uptime Elements


Implementing Uptime Elements into Your Strategy


Delta Force: Executing Uptime Elements


How to Get Sites to Create a โ€œPullโ€ Reliability Strategy


Cincinnati Metropolitan Sewer District 2013 Uptime Award Winner Presentation



28 Books Later - A Look Back on Lessons Learned and Hopes for the Future




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Hello Shabir Ahmad Khan - 

We see you have inquired about CMRP training.  The CMRP is a certification administered by SMRPCO and not AMP. 

AMP has the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) certification which is a 2-hour, internet-based exam and has instructor-led advanced workshops which you can find at

Recommended Study Material

The Uptimeยฎ Elementsโ„ข Passport Series or full CRL Body of Knowledge is the recommended study material along with the Uptimeยฎ Elementsโ„ข Academy Learning Management System.  

These books and the online academy are both recommended resources and should be reviewed and studied prior to and in preparation for the exam. These are both resources to help set examinees up for success in passing the Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) exam. 

The approved books can be ordered through or by contacting the MRO-Zone Bookstore directly at

The online academy can be purchased by contacting our LMS Coordinator directly at

CRL Exam Guidelines:

Items to bring with you for the exam:

  • Government issue photo ID/passport to be shown before entering to take the exam.
  • Laptop/tablet & charger to take the exam on. This is an internet based exam and a laptop or tablet is required. one will not be provided
  • CRL Uptime Elements Passport Series or Full Body of Knowledge This set of books is allowed to be referenced during the exam. In fact, they are the only things allowed for reference. 

If you would like more information, please feel to reach out to me directly at  

Heather Clark
Association of Asset Management Professionals
Certification Manager

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