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CSI 2115 (old version) could I used 25 pins to 25 pins connections cable to the computer (RS 232) and it not operate (I used the disk EMERSON Process Management). (appears on the CSI screen “MODEL 2115 BASE FIRMWARE IS NOT LOADED)
do I need the 25 pins to 9 pins connections cable to the computer.
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As far as I know yes, 9 pin port is required. If you have a computer that does not have a serial port you need a USB/Serial port adaptor but not all are guaranteed to work. Better to use a docking station if notebook to get proper 9 pin serial port. And you'll need the 2115 manual which I don't have electronically. There's a simple combination/multiple key press that initiates firmware load once all is connected correctly. Can't remember precisely what the keys are.

Best I can recall is, you need a 25 pin to a 9 pin "Special" Configured cable to Download and Upload the 2115. 9 pin goes to the computer. I have a 9 pin male to USB adapter cable from sewelldev.com that works good on a computer with no serial (9 pin) port.

Since you said "firmware not loaded", unless you have the firmware that goes to the meter (serialized), a cable is not going to help much.

The 2120 cable will work also.

Email me and I might can help you out a little more with info on the correct cable.

A search on the internet shows cables for sale.
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Hello All, my 2115 CSI says "firmware not loaded" now, please give me the link to any compatible.

Review the thread at https://www.maintenance.org/to...d-firmware-into-2115, specifically the content by "MHM KNOXVILLE SUPPORT".  The website for Emerson/CSI is at https://www.emerson.com/en-us/...ent/asset-monitoring and you should be able to get in contact with them about the firmware by exploring that site.

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