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I have CSI 2130 (used product), with default base firmware version are 7.3.xx

Unfortunately, i was upload older base firmware (5.3.xx), and then all installed firmware (Adv. Analyze, Route, Balance, Alignment & ODS Modal) become inactive. Like attached picture.

My objective when update base firmware is to enable external display to monitor.

I was try to connect with Program Manager, but its say "All program are up to date"...

Any idea to solve this problem? Or it need file "nk.bin" with Aug 2006 build date?

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If I understand what you are saying, You had the meter running with version 7.3.xx and reloaded the older version 5.5.xx. Now the meter will not run basically, anything.

Is this correct?

Have you tried to uninstall the old version and re-install the version which was in the meter before the problem began?

Sounds like the old version just does not recognize anything, maybe because the old version is not compatible with the new version programs left behind in the meter  when the old version "overwrote" the new basic firmware.

Did you completely uninstall the 7.3.xx version and all related programs before installing the 5.3.xx version? Sounds like you did not, based on

Quote: "and then all installed firmware (Adv. Analyze, Route, Balance, Alignment & ODS Modal) become inactive". Unquote:

Unless things have been changed in the "updated version" process from Emerson, when a new version of something is installed, be it software or firmware, most of the newly installed related products will not operate with an older version.

You may have to contact Emerson to straighten this out.

Just my opinion and I may be wrong. 

Dear Ralph, thanks for your share.

Yes, my CSI 2130 programs become gray (inactive) after "accidentally" down grade from 7.3.x to 5.3.x.

All files for CSI 2130 (backup programs) where saved in original laptop are 5.3.x versions.  But program installed in CSI 2130 is 7.3.x versions (there are no backup files for 7.3.x versions).

I was tried remove 1 program (Adv. Analyze ver. 7.3x), but CSI didn't detect backup Adv. Analyze program in laptop (ver. 5.3.x). We don't have backup firmware & program for 7.3.x.

Yes, we don't uninstall all 7.3.x versions and related program. It is too risky to uninstall all 7.3.x versions because we don't have backup this versions.

Yes, we still try contact Emerson about our problem.



Here is an old post from Emerson. You might be able to contact them and get some help on your problem with the 7.3xx and 5.3xx firmware.

I would try calling them at their home office in Knoxville, Tennessee USA.

Or sending them an email, to Beth Mencer

Here is a number I found on an old forum posting. It is a USA number, but it would be worth a call to talk directly with the USA Home Office about this problem.

Support Phone: 865-675-4CSI or 865-675-4274

Hello, please call MHM Technical Support:
For EMERSON Technical Support and Customer Service Toll Free Numbers, please visit:

Kristine is in Technical Support. Jeremiah is in Customer Service (for RMAs, Registrations, replacement software, etc). Phone is always better than email! We are waiting for the phone to ring, where email could be 24 hour response. Thanks!

Beth Mencer
Global Manager MHM Technical Support

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