We have been involved in Beta testing the CSI 2140 Laser Alignment system. All of our techs who have used the system are pleased with the new system. Battery life is GREAT, and the Bluetooth communication has been well appreciated as well. I've heard the comment repeatedly that when using the Live Mode for making moves, when you get Excellent in Live Mode, you can be quite confident you will have it when you sweep to verify the move.

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Yes, Bill. As you recall, I was the Product Manager who first introduced the CSI brand dual laser heads in 1995. And I was pretty proud of them! We've updated them a few times since then, but when the time finally came to retire them, we started looking for a 3rd party supplier - and hands down, Pruftechnik is #1 for laser shaft measurement. So when they agreed to work with us, we felt like this was a very positive development. Now reliability folk can have the best vibration analysis equipment on the market and use it together with the best laser fixtures available. It's a WIN-WIN for all! Smiler

Vendor Alert - I'm proud to say that I've been a product manager with Emerson's CSI brand technologies for over 25 years now.
Interesting proposition, Robert. Once I have a 2140 in hand, I look forward to checking out the alignment part of it. Have been using an Optalign Plus for 15 years now and love the simplicity, and also can't justify upgrading to their newer systems. So maybe the 2140 solves that problem?

Robert or who can confirm: please can I ask about cross brand usage of Pruftechnik laser heads? Shall I have Rotalign Ultra IS complete set and use just their laser heads also time to time with AMS2140? Will that heads cooperate with both devices (not simultaneously)? Thank you a lot.

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