Can one demodulate motor current in CSI 2130 with a clamp tester?

I want to see side band activity around line frequency and so want to remove line freq as a carrier.Which filter should be selected?

Another area i want to see is side band activity around rotor bar pass freq.What should be the filter for this?

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This information is based on my CSI 2120-2 analyzer for Off-Route Mode:

Select Bandpass PreFilter 50 to 300 Hz for 2x Line Frequency and either 100 to 600 Hz or 500 to 1000 Hz for rotor bar and stator slot frequencies. Note that the selected filter frequency must be equal to or greater than the specified maximum frequency of the analysis.

The Demodulator attachment for the old 2110 analyzer had additional settings. Good luck with the 2130!


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