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We have an importan group of mine equipment that we would want to monitor with vibration analysis. Thinking about it I had and idea. To install accelerometers at each of the 10 movil bearings and wire them to a multichannel wireless transmitter. Then wire the wireless receiver to 10 bnc conectors at a fixed place where I can connect my vibration analyzer to each channel and collect data.

Is there a way to do so? I know there are many wireless transmitters in the market but we would want to design and specific 10 channel but I dont have idea how to do so. Any information paper or link will be very helpful

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Can you at least provide more details about the machine (including shaft speeds, etc.) and environment (hazardous), wireless distance, available power for transmitter, existing wireless (instruments and communication protocol) in use, and the mobile analyzer with typical measurement frequency and parameter settings?

Why are you focusing on a system that would use manual survey method instead of continuous monitoring, since the investment for the wireless components would be covered?


Dear Walt,

Thanks for your response.

I will answer your questions.

The machine is a propel system from a P&H 4100XAC shovel.

One drive has an electric motor coupled to a gearbox. There are two propel drives in a shovel. Motor speed is no constant but is close to 700 RPM. Each drive would have 5 accelerometers installed at each of the "high speed" bearings. So we would have 10 accelerometers per shovel.

Accelerometers and wiring are exposed to heavy dust enviroment and in some cases due to leaks with asphaltic grease . In my experience it has not been a source of damage for this components.

Wireless distance is near to 15 meters (46 ft) considering the transmitter and the receiver. If we would want to wire everything to the upper level we would have a big problem because of the shovel rotation at normal operation.

There is a 24 DC source of power available due to shovel instrumentation as you could imagine. But in the lower level at the propel drive systems we would have to install a 24 DC Batteries to power the accelerometers, I'm not sure if this is correct.

There are no existing wireless transmitter for other instruments.

The mobile analyzer is a CSI 2140 from Emerson.

And the answer for the last question is that we only monitor propel once a month and don't have the need to install permanent online systems so the solution I think could be useful.

Before we have been connecting a movil wire connector from higer to lower level but it's not safe and it takes a lot of time to install in each inspection.


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