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DM Water Pump direct coupled to its Motor 3000 r.p.m , 3 Jaw Coupling

New Pump shaft and Bearings installed ,earlier shaft bend and misalignment with pipe strain found .This time also showing same problem , found variable jaw coupling and spider clearances found after inspection .Some rough alignment done .Needs further alignment .



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I am a little confused on the comparison data.

Was the entire pump changed within the 30 minute difference in the comparison data or was the "shaft and bearings" changed within the 30 minute time difference?

Looks like, at just a quick glance at the data, there might be a motor problem, "electrical". If realignment does help, I would look at the motor a little closer.

I would take a much higher resolution data set to see what shows up, especially around what appears to be slotpass or rotor bar pass.

How big is this motor?

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