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Operational Deflection Shape testing (ODS) is the most powerful vibration diagnostic tools an analyst has for understanding vibration problems. Many machines vibrate because of mechanical problems below the machine bearings. Vibration analysis based on bearing measurements doesn't always provide enough information to diagnose problems like loose bolts, cracked welds, foundation problems, resonance resulting in bending and twisting modes of the support structure and other problems.

ODS is an extension of phase analysis. A vibration transducer produces frequency and amplitude information. When a third quantity (Phase) is added to the mix from tens or hundreds of measurement points, the result is one animated movie showing the shape of the machine as it vibrates from linear and non-linear sources. Best of all is the fact that our eyes and brain work very well to diagnose that animated movie.

I have been using ODS testing for many years on consulting jobs and I also offer classes to teach other how to use ODS.

My poll question asks if YOU use ODS testing.
If you use ODS: Choose the only YES answer.
If you don't use ODS: Choose one of the NO answers.
Feel free to leave a comment either way.

Thank you for participating.

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Do not read too much into the lack of response. I do not think it really reflects anything.

The members at do not mind entering discussions, sharing ideas and debating statements - but they rarely submit to anything outside that context.

Personally I would like to see a bigger response however most people enter this site for other activities.

Just my 2 cents from being a forum admin for the past 10 years.

Maybe we should start a Benchmarking or Research forum for this purpose?

Terry O
Hi Josh,
if you are using "relative" in a geological term, then perhaps yes. I have read documents dating back 50 years using this technique.
I first put my hands on software for this in 1988 - then using an HP300 series computer with an IEEE interface to a spectrum analyser.
The hardware took a leap forward about 4 years later and the only real changes since then seem to be just at the edges.
It is an extremely useful tool and I have helped baffled engineers solve many problems with it.


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