Dear friends!
In the next day I will analyze a system that is composed of an induction motor of 60 hp and 1750 rpm. The motor has two DE (drive end) where two oil-hydraulic vane pumps are coupled on both sides.
It's the first time I get this kind of arrangement.
What should I expect in the spectra?
Does anyone have experience in this type of arrangement?
Is it advisable to make measurements at 100% load or 0% load?
As always, thanks for your good comments!


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Dear Sir Raul Rios ,

This is the first time i have seen motor like this but you don't need to mind motor arrangement to its Pumps (This thing is a Designer Part) but our concern is does it have any problem in operations to its design .

As per my opinion you should take reading at 100 % Load and you can expect Misalignment Conditions  .

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