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I believe we are aware on the rusting effect of sea water on containers. I would love to know if there are new and better methods of maintaining these units. 

It seems the conventional method we use at our base is not enough. When these units come back to base after a while of being offshore, they come back looking rusted. We wash the units, buff out the rusts, apply red oxide, repaint with marine paints and send them back offshore.

The challenge is this, when these units come back to base, they come back looking bad still. Like the manufacturers paint job was even better.

Can anyone please advice on better methods and procedures (SOPs if any). I am open to learning.

NB: Would attach pics based on responses.

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I have worked on a sea shore plant and  observed  that all metal structures were getting corroded frequently.

We had adopted a practice of doing a Zinc oxide spray coating on metal structures which provided a good shielding against corrosion for about 5 yrs.

I am not sure weather it will be suitable in your application or not.

Procedure for Zinc oxide spray coating will be easily available on internet and what we followed is as bellow

1. Clean the surface by buffing/sand blasting

2. Applying zinc oxide spray by using its apparatus which includes a zinc wire and a specialized gun for providing arcing to it.

3. Apply 3 coats as per requirement (i.e. thickness we required was min. 120 micron)

4. For better result apply a 2 layer of normal epoxy paint over it.


Hope this might me helpful

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