Why do you ask if it is the end of the road for Emonitor?  I am running version 3.7 on Windows 10 with no issues.  We are converting all of the company PCs to Windows 10 so I had to make sure it would work since there is no official Emonitor for Windows 10.  With the help from Rockwell, another Emonitor user and Google I have it running just fine.  You have to disable the Windows driver verification to install the Dynamix 2500 Driver but once installed there is no problem.  Windows Mobil Device Center is the biggest issue and requires 2 Register changes. 

Contact your local electrical supplier of Allen Bradley controls who generally are the integrators for Rockwell Automation. The newest version is 4.0 which has little difference from 3.7 except for allowing it to be used with the online dynamix 1444 modules. They are working on 4.1 but it is not ready for market yet I am told. The upgrade to 4.0 is relatively inexpensive and they also have dropped pricing for esafe support I am told. There is also a limited online support knowledge base available to anyone (need to signup for a free account) at:


Just type in keywords and your off to the races.

Don't know how the rest of the country is fairing, but in my neck of the woods, the distributor responsible for selling the Rockwell/Entek product is pathetic.  They not only don't know the product, they don't return calls!   Imagine, calling and asking for a quote on $50,000 worth of stuff and they don't call back.  Wow!  The rest of their business must be good.  And this isn't a one time thing.  They have ignored by requests numerous times.  The sad thing is there is no alternative.  Rockwell with NOT go around their distributors.....Sad.

Ron, Rockwell has lost a lot of work in Ireland...some of it to my advantage but I wont say more on that, they are notoriously not supporting stuff and have no interest in analyzers etc, no innovation or product development in god knows when, yet still have the highest license renewal costs in the market.

Oddesy/Emonitor is probably still the best software out there...but sadly that alone can't save it if there is no support.


DBTCMP, what you say was correct at one point however I believe if you check today you will find that their software license and support fees have dropped quite dramatically. Although antiquated you will also find that the enpac and dynamix 2500 are still to this day light weight, easy to use and who can compare paying only $40 for extra camcorder batteries. Emonitor has been updated to version 4.0 which offers import/export to OSI PI as well as the dynamix 1444 modules for distributed API 670 vibration analysis and machine protection which goes to the same database as the handheld and they are presently working on version 4.1 which goes well beyond what 4.0 does. I have used pruftechnik, csi, skf and entek (Rockwell) emonitor products and can say from this field Emonitor and the Enpac are still way up there as far as capability. If you want direct support contacts just let me know. I have no affiliation with any of the above mentioned suppliers as an FYI.

I am still amazed at how advanced Emonitor is.  I have had numerous packages thrust under my nose for evaluation and frankly they all pale by comparison.  The above response from CKYJOHN illustrates clearly what happened.  Rockwell wanted the software for their on line hard wired systems.  They couldn't have cared less for the walk around market, hence no work in that area for years.  I saw this mindset EVEN BEFORE Entek was bought by Rockwell, and I was on the due diligence committee, so I was up close and personal.  I have shown some of the features in Emontor to people not acquainted with what a true 32 bit hyperlinked system can do.  Entek was very wise in chosing to go with a third party database engine instead of building their own.  That is why CSI software has been so inflexible for years.  For example, when training on Emonitor I asked the instructor if I could change my band alarm settings after having taken data for years because they weren't optimized for my data.  His answer, 'Of course'.  I explained to him that CSI could not and he was flabbergasted!  Imagine not knowing your largest competitors weaknesses!  The absolute best weapon in defeating them in a sale.  Show your system doing what they can not and not ever mentioning them by name.  They come in to do the demo and you have already planted all of these 'land mines' and the customer brings them up one at a time asking to see the 'impossible'!  I did this for years working for Zonic Corporation.  My competition was HP, B&K, General Radio, and other Fortune 500 companies.  B&K had 12 salesmen in my territory and their quota was 1 modal analysis system per year.  I took all 12 one year!  I miss the field!

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I've had Emonitor for over twenty years and love it.

My problem now is we are stuck with an older version.

We purchased for $2,284.00 an esafe emonitor 3.7 upgrade and down loaded it but they would only give me a serial number for activation of 1 year then I would have to go to 4.0years which locks us into a $22K data collector.

I'm stuck with version 1.3, don't want to change, might get wireless triaxial Acceleromter and  WiSER3x Universal Receiver WiSER 3x Universal 4CH

I have also used Emonitor for over 20 years and everyone is correct about the support.  Need to get to the right person to help.  May take a while but I have always been able to get it.  The last was talking to someone to help get 3.7 running on Windows 10.  As far as updates, all I can say is that vibration programs add new bells and whistles that are usually not that helpful.  All I need is a program that links the data and makes it easy to view in a number of different formats.  Allows me to compare machines and setup my collection specs however I want.  Emonitor has always been great at that. 

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