Error 1055 OA OA_Get Max Axis Dispaly -> OA Orbit Plot (Unfiltered).vi.

Hello to Everyone,

I am trying to use OA, but i having trouble, this error message is displayed: Error 1055 OA OA_Get Max Axis Dispaly -> OA Orbit Plot (Unfiltered).vi. Is there any solution?
LabVIEW 8.5 is used.

The way how is connected, followed a LabVIEW Order Analyses Toolkit User Manual:

- signal from tachometer is input to OAT Analog Tacho, output Speed Profile is input for Oat Orbit Plot,OAT Convert to Even Angle

- signal from two proxymity probes is scaled to EU units with SVL Scale Voltage

- scaled signal is input to OAT Convert to Even Angle to get Even Angle Signal

- Even Angle Signals (from two sensors) is input to Oat Orbit

- output Even Angle Position Info from OAT Convert to Even Angle is connect with Oat Orbit

Can someone recommend some books abaute postprocessing, order analyses, displaying orbit?

I am new with this and i dont know how to start.


Best rigards,

Nandor Spacek
master work: vibration measurement and fault detection for inuction motor
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