Is there any example of high frequency vibrations more than 40Khz.(with calculation please.) . i need at-least 2 or 3 examples.

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But sir,

If no vibration generates with such high frequency then why the Instrument Manufactures gives instruments with frequency ranges upto 40 khz, 80 khz(for vibration). Are they fooling US?.


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Ultrasonic evaluation in the 20-100khz range, is used for air leak surveys, steam traps, lubrication, bearings etc.

Your statement "instrument manufacturer" encompasses millions of pieces of test equipment. Some people maybe using an instrument/data collector to identify frequencies in this range, but there would be a very small number of people doing this. Example, jet engine turning 26,000 rpm with 200 individual blades on one rotor, 26kX200/60=86,666hz/86khz or 5,200,000 cpm

No one is trying to fool you, just depends on how you are applying the technology/tool to the job at hand. 

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