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Exclusive Search for 2 Key Maintenance / Reliability Leadership Roles: Strong, Innovative, & Unique Clients Seeing Significant Growth:

Hello and thank you for your time.

We are currently assisting 2 key clients known as global leaders in their focus with locating exceptional and proven leaders for maintenance and reliability leadership roles. Both roles will help contribute to company growth by focusing on maintaining a strong plant reliability program.

Our Clients: Unique, Innovative and Growing

What makes these roles stand out from other maintenance-related positions is that they are with significant clients, both with a long track record of success and a reliable and growing market of customers. In a time when many minerals, mining, and manufacturing operations are cutting back our clients are seeing significant growth.

Based on your experience you might know of individuals who would want to hear about these exclusive roles. If you do, please let me know, or you may refer them to the descriptions on our website via the links below. Interested candidates can apply via the pages.

β€’ One client has been a world leader in their focus for over 150 years. They maintain a strong R&D program which consistently leads to the development of key specialty chemicals & products for a diverse customer base. Need for their products span various industries including pharmaceuticals, beverage, personal care, household, coatings and adhesives, and agriculture.

β€’ Our other client is truly an innovative and unique global leader whose products are KEY to a wide variety of critical and emerging technologies. The diversity of the industries they serve include: water treatment, pigments, coatings, alloys, catalysts, electronics (including key components of smart phones), ceramics, defense, & green & hybrid technology.

Thank you again for your time. Justin Sivey – NERI -

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