Hi everybody.
I wonder if anybody tried to export data from/to RBMWare. I'm referring fields like:

Machine ID, Machine Name, Points, Speed, Analysis Parameters, data etc.

If they are tabulated in a spread sheet, the editing will be much easier specially if many machines are identical.

Any experience in this?

Thank you-AMS
Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa
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CSI has an ODBC driver for just this. BUT it is a one-way driver. You can only read info from the rbm file--you cannot edit or change the information and export it back to the rbm file. That would have been too user-friendly. But the driver is still very helpful in looking at the info and even designing your own reports. If you know your way around databases, it shouldn't be a problem. Somewhere in the manual or on the documentation CD is a section about the drivers with a map of all the tables (and their fields and data types)in the rbm file that you have access to.

To summarize, first you need to install the driver. On your installation CD, under the Extras folder is a folder named CSI_ODBC. Run setup.exe and then reboot.

Next you have to create the DSNs that point to the rbm file(s). Under Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Data Sources you need to add a 'User DSN'. Select the CSI ODBC driver and another window will open asking for Data Source (any name you want to call it--keep it short and I would avoid using spaces in the name), Database (just browse to the rbm file) and Host. If you have a stand-alone version the Host is 'localhost'. If you have a network version, it's the name of the server that's running the services for RBMware.

Once you have them named, you can access the files from just about anything. I've always used MS Access. The tables I use the most are Area, DBInfo, Equipment, VibMeasPt and VibTrendData. Matching AP and AL sets to points is a little more difficult.

I know some other folks here have used the ODBC driver, too, so it will be interesting to see what other uses there are.

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