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Respected All,

Pl find attached file for PH Fan Vibration Spectrum, Water Plot Last 7 Vibration reading and Overall Vibration Readings.

Equipment Detail:

Fan Running RPM is 796  DE and NDE Bearing: 22234C/C3/W33. Both Bearing have Oil Lubricated with External Force.


1). Spectrum Analysis order show 1X, 1.3X , 1.6X , 2X , 2.3X , 2.6X ,……etc.


Tags: Fan Vibration, Fan Vibration Spectrum

I think you are dealing with critical mechanical looseness, probably coming from the fan DE bearing (bearing housing / coupling / attachment as alternatives).

Your spectra should have better resolution for detail analysis with some peak markers.

Besides, imbalance could also be well increased, although it is hard to say in such bearing condition.

I wouldn't operate much longer


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