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i got the problem with housing and bearing . they are all totally damaged .Type of the bearing : spherical roller . At first , i checked with the tool to took the reading with vibration and enveloping acceleration . it look like machinery condition checker pen . Sorry i  do not tell the name of the tool . The Recorded reading been collected seem ok . Actually  when i opened the housing , the condition of housing seem seriously damaged .

as we seen the vibration at the feet of housing : 6.2 mm/s + Enveloping acc :2.1 gE .



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Dear vishal sharma . it's 3600 rpm .  the contaminated grease could not because the client not change type of grease  . What i could explain : the rotor is unbalanced   and make the vibration , so on ...  In fact   i do not understand with reading been collected .

As Iso 10816 with motor 3600rpm , the bearing seem normal condition. not any doubt the condition of the bearing . So trust absolutely  the  standard or our feeling about machinery ?



Hi Husky,

Just to share some knowledge abt  tool that u use, SKF CMAS100.

Default setting for Enveloping (CL2) reading is for shaft diameter OD 50-300mm & machine speed 500-1800rpm. In that your case is machine speed of 3600rpm, this vibr pen is not suitable.

As for my experience, I am not using vibr pen for Enveloping measurement because it will not give either precise nor accurate reading. For vibration (velocity mm/s) is ok.

Try ADASH vibr pen for more enhanced features.


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