Five Factors of Sand Maker Common Failure and Technical Analysis

The use of sand maker has brought enterprise considerable economic profits and also got the majority of users’ praise. However, unreasonable use or installation or long time high-intensity work will inevitably result in sand maker failure. In order to shorten downtime, efficiently use sand maker and bring enterprise maximize economic benefits, FTM engineers will provide our users with some technical support freely. Below are some common failures and technical analysis.

sand maker
Completed sand maker 


1、Sand maker body swing amplitude is too large

(1) If the old sand maker has such situation, it may be due to impeller wear is seriously worn and isn’t be replaced in time.

(2) In addition, oversize particles or overdose feeding may block the impeller runner and result in sand maker body swing amplitude too large.

(3) If the new sand maker has such phenomenon, users should shut down the engine immediately and check if the ground is flat or the power unit is fixed.

2、Discharge product particle is too large

(1) This phenomenon may be caused by sand maker fatigue running or belt laxity, users should appropriately adjust the belt tightness.

(2) It also may be caused by impeller seriously wear and can’t meet supposed crushing effect. So the impeller should be replaced in time.

3、Idling resistance is too large

(1) There may exist residual material in bearing sealing cover. Under this situation, users should immediately shut down the engine and open the sealing cover to clean up the residual materials.

(2) It also may be caused by lacking lubrication oil within bearing, users should promptly add lubrication oil.

4、Bearing is too hot

(1) If the bearing hasn’t got lubrication maintenance for a long time, the bearing will be wear easily and result in sand maker invalid. 

(2) It may also because dust gets into the bearing seal device, although there is regular lubrication while the effect is not so good.

(3) Users should immediately shut down the engine and check in this situation, promptly adds lubrication oil or cleans the bearing. If the bearing is damaged, replace it in time.

5、A metal collision sound

It may be caused by screws, liner or impeller wear parts falling off, or there are metal foreign matters included in feeding materials. Users should immediately shut down the engine and check. Promptly fasten the off parts and clean the foreign matters.

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