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Hi guys,

We have a setup here where we have 4 work order types (breakdown, unplanned, planned and Preventive/predictive).

We have a theory that all work the ends up in the "planned" category should be followup work from either breakdowns, unplanned or prev/pred.

We'd like to link the planned work orders to source work orders in such a way that we can chain them and understand where does our backlog comes from.

We also want to measure for example how many planned work is coming from predictive work and even measure each predictive task efficiency using this link.

Maybe we are not using the right approach for predictive efficiency.  And there may be another way to track backlog sources.

One thing for sure, we need to have some sort a traceability from an event to corrective actions in order to make sure the actions did resolve the issues.

Any of you were able to do this sort of tracking in SAP Plant Maintenance?


Thanks in advance!


Tags: SAP, backlog, Followup, tracking

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