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Interesting online calculator indeed. Also, interesting question.

I guess your question is about observing a change in the calculated frequencies on the lower left part of the calculator when you tick or untick the box for Estimate frequencies.

I've played with the calculator to reproduce what you saw. Ticking or unticking the box actually changes the values and my explanation for this is below.

The way the calculator was programmed is based on two cases which are taught in the vibration certification programs.

Case 1: You have all the details about the bearing to do the accurate calculations. Speed, balls, angles and diameters are available.

Case 2: You only have the speed and number of balls. In this case, you cannot calculate the accurate frequencies but you can estimate them you have a feeling of their values.

I think when the box is checked, the online calculator ignores the three pieces of data (diameter 1, diameter 2 and angle) and uses the estimation formula.

In fact, many students in the certification programs ask this question (when should I use the accurate formula and estimation formula).

BTW, I'm not affiliated with MI and I could be totally wrong. I hope Jason or one of his team passes here and give an explanation.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa


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