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Dear Experts,

Please share any pictures of generator (~100MW) where balancing weights (Location of weights) are placed on DE and NDE for two plane balancing.

Is there any ring available for placement of weights or it would be put on coupling?





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In a machine of that size you will likely find a ring at each end of the rotor specifically designed for the addition of trial and correction weights.  The ring can typically be seen and will visually present a t-slot with multiple locations at which a weight is inserted, rotated to the desired position, then locked in place with a threaded fastener.   

The weights are also usually specific to the make/model of the machine so you might want to check you spare parts or spare parts list in case you have to order them. 

Be forewarned that if you search these forums you might find comments from "Becar" that this is a near impossible task.  Making the assumption that you understand and have the skills to do multiple plane balancing you should find it a relatively easy task, should it truly be a balance issue.

If you don't have the skills and desire to learn about them check a resource like http://oaktrust.library.tamu.e...ce=1&isAllowed=y.  Again, should you lack the skills you might also consider hiring a firm to do the balancing and learn from the balancing effort. 


I am aware that people have balanced on the end rings.  This is not their purpose, and this might cause a problem.

I would think that a 100 MW generator would have two planes accessible, one on each end.  I have crawled into a generator this size to place weights.  Others, may have an access means.

You may find screw weights are needed.

" I have a unit that has the balance rings but no way to access them unless you pull the rotor"-why would anyone design a machine like that? I know some of the older GE machines you had to pull a few panels on either end to get at that the rings but to have to pull the rotor sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

To address the original post I would not attempt to balance a TG even though I went to all the training and more than a few seminars but it's been so long since I've done anything that I would not trust my rusty skills or my deteriorating memory!

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