helo sir, can any one solve my problem..
we have a problem on [sop(vacuum pump)],(3phase.sq. Cage.Ind motor.)kw=0.37, hp=0.50,rpm =1860.few days back we got a high vibration readings in motor.
Motor -(NDE) 5.2X (mm/sec) 5.3Y (mm/sec)
Motor -(DE) 3.2 3.0
PUMP -(DE) 3.1 2.7
PUMP -(NDE) 3.1 3.0

we worked in bearing... & get replaced bearing on motor nde. & did over oilng in pump.but the vibration is still in higher side on Horizontal in both motor & pump.
Motor -(NDE) 8.8X (mm/sec) 4.2Y (mm/sec)
Motor -(DE) 8.7 3.5
PUMP -(DE) 7.0 3.9
PUMP -(NDE) 7.9 3.9
frequency spectrum: showing in 1x & time amplitude: shows resonance.
im suspecting its base looseness or bearing fault. but we go through this 2. still vibration is on higher side.
guys pls help me to solve this problem.
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